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Yes! We are open for applications for our summer school 2022 and summer semester 2022.

At the same time our Upskill coordinators are closely monitoring the current status and development of COVID-19 in Bali, as well as worldwide. Read more about the latest updates on COVID-19 in Bali, travel from and to Indonesia and its effects on Upskill programs.

Study in Bali – Tropical Biology, Marine Conservation, Sustainability, Eco-Tourism, Intercultural Communication

Study a semester or summer abroad in Bali, that will change your perception of things! Our practical learning approach offer is your opportunity to gain specific knowledge of sustainability, nature conservation and the ecology of the tropics. Study a semester in Bali as an undergraduate or postgraduate and learn alongside local professionals, activists and the local community, while experiencing the local side of life in Bali!

Dates & Deadlines

2023 - Summer Semester
Application Deadline: 15.02.2023
Semester Dates: 21.03.2023- 16.07.2023

2023 - Winter Semester
Application Deadline: 15.06.2023
Semester Dates: 29.08.2023 - 16.12.2023

2023- Summer School Ecotourism
Application Deadline: 15.05.2023
1st Summer School : 11.07.2023 - 07.08.2023
2nd Summer School : 14.08.2023 - 11.08.2023

2023 - Summer School Intercultural Communication
Application Deadline: 15.11.2022
Summer School : 19.12.2022 - 13.01.2023

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