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Intercultural Communication Short Course

4 Weeks Course

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4 weeks

This practical summer course provides 4 weeks of knowledge, successful practices, field trips and case studies

Site Visits

For a better understanding the lecturers will be complemented with several site visits..

Udayana University

All lectures will take place at the Denpasar Campus of Udayana University Bali.

6 Credit Points

Within this summer course you can achieve up to 6 ECTS credit points awarded by Udayana University in Bali.

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Short course program: Intercultural Communication

This 4 weeks course offers a comprehensive knowledge on intercultural communications. It is designed to study social attributes, thought pattern and culture of different groups of people, which will lead participants not only to theoretically understand and value cultural differences but also to having skills of intercultural communications. Identity and culture are also studied within the discipline of communication to analyze how globalization influences ways of thinking, beliefs, values and identity within and between cultural environments.

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Program Facts

Study fees EUR 2,390

Included: tuition, field trips,

accommodation, transportation, etc.

Application deadline

Course dates are open all year, please contact our program coordinator to see the dates availability in 2023

Course Dates

Course dates are open all year, please contact our program coordinator to see the dates availability in 2023


Course Content

Course Objectives

- To comprehend the intercultural communications skills

- To understand and value cultural differences within the society

- To comprehend globalization as a historical process and its aspects

- To comprehend the concepts of social change and understand it theoretically

- To introduce the issues of social changes in Bali as the impacts of globalization

- To understand the local perspectives in seeing the issues and conflicts arising from social changes

- To develop the competency to manage the issues of social changes in Bali from wider perspectives

- To develop understanding of public use of communal space

- To study and discussed many aspects of Bali’s conflict management and how Balinese facing the dynamic conditions came from globalization that also bought many different values on it.

- To discuss ecological distribution conflict, i.e., socio-environmental conflict which arises from uneven distribution of the benefit and cost of environmental change using the Benoa Bay conflict as a case study

Course Topics

  • Communal Space and case study (Gogibung)

  • Globalization, Tourism and Social Change

  • Intercultural Communications skill; understanding culture with mindfulness, verbal and non verbal communications and case study (Lontar Preservation)

  • Language Course - Bahasa Indonesia

  • Political Ecology (Conflict Management)

Field Trips

  • Tenganan Village (2 days 1 night) (Communal Space subject) 

  • Bali Aga Trekking (Communal Space subject) 

  • Lontar Museum (Lontar Preservation study)

  • Benoa Bay (Political Ecology)

Your classroom | the Balinese community

Intercultural Communicaton as well as Conflict Management are two very important topics in Bali where people from many different cultural, religious, social and ethnical backgrounds live together. Therefore this course will include a series of activities and trips during which you will be able to observe a wide range of communication processes and daily challenges that appear within such a society. Main focus will be on the question how problems and conflicts appear from the cross-cultural interaction and how the people in Bali can deal with these conflicts.

Field Trips