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Ecotourism Meeting in Jakarta

As a well established international program promoting ecotourism in Bali, we must be aware of its dynamic nature and the constantly changing environment. Its activities not only impact nature, but also have an important role on the economic, social and cultural development of the communities involved. We therefore always seek knowledge exchange and inspiration in other parts of Indonesia as well.

Participants and focus

In November last year, Anak Agung Gde Raka Dalem, the coordinator of Upskill Study Program of Udayana University Bali attended a meeting with key persons of the Indonesian Ecotourism Society (Masyarakat Ekowisata Indonesia, MEI) in Jakarta. The meeting was aimed to identify issues on ecotourism in Indonesia. Another focus was put on the preparation of further actions towards a more sustainable tourism, that increases the welfare for the local communities in the Republic of Indonesia.

Present in the meeting were Mr. Syahril (the secretary of MEI) and other MEI key persons, including Mr. Teguh Hartono, Eko Binarso and his colleagues. A.A.G. Raka Dalem, who was joining from our side as the coordinator of Upskill Study Program, had been the head Ecotourism and Sustainable Development Study Group at Udayana University for 15 years now and was happy to be part of the meeting as well.

The host of the meeting was Mr. Eko Binarso joined as a successful businessman in camping and other ecotourism activities in Indonesia. He happily welcomed all participants to Jakarta.

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Finding a path towards sustainable ecotourism

During the meeting, Mr. Teguh Hartono recalled activities that have been conducted by MEI and he proposed some possible future activity plans. Meanwhile, Mr. Syahril as the secretary of MEI stressed out that MEI should be able to do much more to promote sustainable tourism in Indonesia in the future, as there is a great potential due to its unique nature and its cultural heritage.

As an impoint that was also agreed by the meeting participants that the next meeting of MEI is planned to be conducted in Bali by 2021. Upskill coordinator A.A.G. Raka Dalem was appointed to organized and host MEI national meeting in Bali by 2021. Mr Syahril promised to disseminate the points agreed in this meeting and get the word out to other MEI members.

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