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About Us

We bring tertiary education to a new level and move the classroom into the local communities abroad.


The upskill study abroad program aims to bring tertiary education to a new level, to move classrooms into local communities abroad. Our programs are designed to encourage knowledge and cultural exchange and pave the way for sustainable state-of-the-art solutions for the environment and the local communities.

The main academic aim is to create general understanding on how the ocean is essential to our existence and that we are essential to help it survive the damage that we have caused.

We hope to increase the perception of the projects that local communities have already established, among future scientists on one hand and on the other hand for students to be more actively involved to develop the projects further.

With our program, knowledge and skills are directly applied to the real environment – where it is needed the most and has the most powerful effect.

Our Mission

The drive for new integrated semester programs derived from our extended travels in Indonesia. Having worked closely together with our local partner in Bali for several years, we saw the increasing demand in getting proactive in the protection of our environment and especially our oceans in the tropics. The local communities rely on the help of experienced marine scientists who can path the way to a better future. Seeing this demand and the demand of young academics wanting to get a new learning experience, which they can directly apply in the field, we have eventually decided to combine both demands in creating a tropical biology & marine conservation study semester abroad with focus on the local projects. As a young international team we know what makes study abroad programs an outstanding and life changing experience: immersive learning combined with field works and researches, that have a meaningful impact on the local communities.

Our Values


Quality is as important to us as it is to you. We constantly monitor the study programs and optimize processes. We want to make sure, that lectures, field studies and research projects are at an academic level.


International learning or working experience is crucial in nowadays globalized world. We try to design programs accessible for everybody, even for those with limited time frame or budget.


We work with partners that share our vision of a cultural exchange keeping a strong focus on sustainability and responsibility. We have built up a strong relationship with trust as foundation.


Every place on earth is one of its kind worth a travel. We picked those places, that we have admired ever since and would like to show them to you with all the facets local life has to offer. But there are way more locations out there to discover and we are more than stoked to make them accessible for you.


Why we offer marine science programs in Bali? Because marine science will actually teach you something new – a knowledge, that is only accessible in the Indian Ocean. We develop programs that are strongly linked with the local ways and with local concerns in regard to research topics and conservation.


You thought you know what fairness means? You thought you know what devotion is? And you thought you are a patient person? Well, the world will teach you more that you thought you should know. We are happy to be part of this process!

Meet our team

We love what we do and we do it passionately

Lecturers at Udayana University

Ir. A. A. G. Raka Dalem, M. Sc. (Hons)

Biodiversity Conservation & Ecotourism, Student Project

Drs. Denny Suhernawan Yusup, M. Sc. St.

Marine Pollution

Drs. Job Nico Subagio, M. Si.

Marine Pollution, Biodiversity Conservation & Eco Tourism

Made Ayu Pratiwi, S. Pi., M. Si.

Tropical Marine Ecology

I Nyoman Giri Putra, S. Pd., M. Si.

Tropical Marine Ecology

Dra. Ni Luh Watiniasih, M. Sc., Ph. D.


Ni Luh Putu Ria Puspitha, S. Si., M. Sc.


Dra. Luh Putu Eswaryanti Kusuma Yuni, M. Sc.


Drs. I Ketut Tika, M. A.

Bahasa Indonesia

Ni Luh Arpiwi, S. Si., M. Sc., Ph. D.

Bahasa Indonesia