Study Sustainability & Eco Tourism in Bali

16 Weeks Semester Program

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15 Weeks Lectures

15 weeks full of of hands-on lectures at Udayana University, field trips all across Bali and cultural activites.


1 Week Introduction

The 15-weeks semester program will be proceeded by an introduction week to get to know Bali and your fellow classmates.


Profound Expertise

Well structured lectures in English, held at Udayana University will provide you with expertise and prepare you for various field trips.


30 Credit Points

During this 15 weeks study program you can achieve up to 30 ECTS credit points awarded by Udayana University in Bali.

Semester Abroad: Sustainability & Eco Tourism

Indonesia is listed as one of the top 10 countries to travel to in 2019 (LonelyPlanet). Most of the tourists following this recommendation will probably end up in Bali. Therefore sustainability and eco tourism are two very important topics to focus on in order to be able to preserve the traditional Balinese culture as well as the environment despite the masses of tourists coming every day. During this 16 weeks semester program you will learn more about the Balinese life philosophy "Tri Hita Karana" and how it is implemented in tourist attractions and sights. During various field trips, you will be able to see this implementation first hand.

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Semester Facts

Study fees EUR 2,490

Summer Semester: March to July

Winter Semester: August to December


Application deadline

Winter Semester: 15th of June

Summer Semester: 15th of February


Semester start

Winter Semester: 26th of August 2019

Summer Semester: 25th of March 2020


Available Modules

  • Biodiversity Conservation & Eco Tourism
  • Community Based Conservation
  • Green Hotels/Eco Lodge Implementation
  • Nature and Eco-Tour Guiding
  • Sustainable Development based on the Balinese Life Philosophy of the Tri Hita Karana (THK)
  • Bahasa Indonesia

Introduction Week

Before the offical start of the semester there will be an introduction week during which you will get to know your fellow classmates, the unique Balinese culture as well as the environment around the campus.

  • The introduction week will kick-off with a surf course on Monday morning and a typical Indonesian dinner in the evening.
  • On Tuesday we will visit a Balinese family in Payangan where you will learn a lot about the Hindu culture and traditions. The main part of this trip will be a 'Canang Workshop' (a typical offering that is used on a daily basis by the Hindu).
  • The following day we will make our way towards north Bali. We will visit the Botanical Garden in Bedugul and have some fun climbing in the trees. In the afternoon we will continue our journey to a small village in the mountains where we will spend the night.
  • On the next morning we will trek through rice fields and explore stunning waterfalls. After finishing our trekking tour we will return to Jimbaran area.
  • On Friday will be the official opening cermenoy at the university where you will meet your lecturers for the very first time.

This schedule is still subject to change.

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