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Bali Travel Update

Study Abroad in Bali 2022

Read the latest update from Bali and find out the most essential key points of planning your study abroad to Bali this year.


Visa, Entering Indonesia and Quarantine


Per 2022, based on our team's last meeting with the Udayana International Office or KUI (Kantor Urusan Internasional) all international students who participate in Udayana university study programs (all terms, 4 weeks or longer) are to be sponsored and invited by Udayana University. Prior to the new regulation, short term participants are to obtain B211A visa/social culture enter permit, however, now all foreign national participants must enter Indonesia to enroll in Udayana's program with visa index 316. We will definitely assist you to obtain this permit please see our updated visa information here.

Entering Indonesia

Bali airport has been opened for international airlines since February 2022, it has been made possible for foreign nationals to enter Indonesia with limited permits including students. Per today, all visitors entering Indonesia must download an app called PeduliLindungi. You may download the app using VPN and fill out the details for the eHAC section, you may as well prepare it at the airport with the staff assistance at the international airport when you land in Bali, Indonesia.

Per 7th March 2022, Indonesia has opened the VOA (Visa on Arrival allow for tourist purpose that only can stay for 60 days) for 23 countries that have 3 full vaccines.


Per March 2022 the quarantine regulation after entering Indonesia has been eliminated.

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