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Bali Visa Requirements

Applying for the Social Visa for your study program in Bali is a crucial part of your preparations. As visa regulations change regularly, please always double check with the Indonesian embassy in your home country.

Social Cultural – Visa Fast Facts

Application Time

The visa process can take up to 4 weeks.


One time application fee is around 45 Euro/50 USD.

Visa extension

The visa has to be extended after the first 60 days, and then every 30 days. Extension fee is around 55 Euro/60 USD.

Applying for the Social Visa

The “Social Budaya Visa”/ cultural visa has to be applied for prior to your arrival in Bali. As the whole application process can take up to 4 weeks, we strongly recommend you to apply for your visa as soon as you have received your invitation letter from Udayana University. The visa application slightly differs from country to country and do change on a regular basis, so it is important to always double check with the Indonesian embassy in your home country.

Visa Application Form Example

Passport (at least 6 month validity from the date of entry to Indonesia)

At least 1 blank page in passport for visa

2 recent photographs

Completed and signed application form

Udayana enrollment letter (sent by us)

Copy of flight tickets (inbound/outbound)

Copy of visa fee transaction

Extending your visa

Your visa expires 60 days after your arrival in Bali, unless you extend it before. Please start the extension procedure about 40 days before expiration.

How do I know when my visa expires?

Don’t confuse the actual visa expiry date with the date marked as “date of expiration” on the visa sticker. This date is the last date, you are allowed to enter Indonesia with this visa, but not the expiration date! Simply count 60 days from your date or entry to Indonesia (check the stamp!) and mark this day red in your calendar! Only 1 day overstay is fined with 1,000,000 IDR (equals 62 Euro/ 70 USD).

Check your expiration date

Start visa extension process 3 weeks before expiration

Plan 2 - 3 extensions for your semester in Bali

Visa extension is YOUR responsibility!