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Visa for Indonesia - Study with upskill Bali & Udayana University

Prior to your participation in any of our programs, please make sure you know you will need a valid passport and a proper visa. 

“The information shared on this page is for general information purposes only. Due to the  frequent and unforeseen government updates and Udayana University, without prior notice we may make immediate adjustments, deletions, or modifications to the contents on this page at any time, please ensure you are in close contact with upskill Bali’s program coordinator to always receive the most up to date visa application information”.

Visa Options for Students

There are always rooms for the well planners and the last minute spontaneous students. In general, our team will always try to assist your needs and requests to be able to get you on board. 

If you are enrolling in our semester program you must obtain a student visa also called VITAS/ KITAS/ Visa type C316. The student visa requires in total around 2 months to obtain. However, in case there is not sufficient time for the visa application, there are alternative ways to enter Indonesia to start to study. You would have to leave Indonesia during the studies to deactivate your first visa you use to enter Indonesia and fly back into Indonesia with your activated VITAS/Student KITAS type C316.

Visa fees are self expense and is not included in the program tuition.

Source: International Office Udayana University.

Facts about enter permit to Indonesia

Visa on arrival (VOA)

  • Application option for semester program late application 

  • Maximum stay of 60 days

  • Application required: No

  • Process time: Immediately

  • Issuer: Airport Immigration

  • Multiple entry: No

  • Visa extension: After 30 days

  • Total cost: ≈ 100€/60 days 

Social Culture Visa/B211

  • Visa option for short course/summer school participants and semester program late application 

  • Maximum stay of 6 months (if you plan to stay longer than your short course program please notify us so we are able to assist on exactly how many days you require your B211 visa for, different fees are to be applied)

  • Application required: Yes

  • Process time: 3-7 working days  

  • Issuer: Indonesian Embassy

  • Upskill will assist with appointing a private sponsor

  • Multiple entry: No

  • Total cost: more or less 226€/60 days

Student Visa/VITAS/KITAS/C316

  • Visa option for early applicants of upskill’s semester program.

  • Maximum stay of 6 months

  • Application required: Yes

  • Process time: 6-8 Weeks

  • Issuer: Udayana University

  • Multiple entry: Yes

  • Visa extension: No 

  • Total cost: more or less 250€/180 days

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