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Study Tropical Biology and Conservation in Bali, what makes it significant?

Biology and nature Conservations are two engaging study fields that require its students to experience first-hand getting close to nature. Bali is one of the most suitable places to conduct this kind of study. Why? Read this article to find out more!

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Here at upskill study, we put our utmost effort so our students can get meaningful and engaging experience in their study. One of our most enticing programs is called Tropical Biology and Conservations. This program is open for any enthuse individuals, Bachelor students, Master students, graduates, to professionals who would like to deepen their knowledge in environmental and marine biology.

So why choose Bali to be the destination for your Tropical Biology and Nature Conservation study? Well, for one, Indonesia, including Bali, is well known as being one of the richest countries worldwide in terms of its biodiversity. Be it on campus, on your way home, or even during your free time exploring the beach and verdant countryside around the island, you will be surrounded by tropical nature and its unique inhabitants.

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During this semester abroad in Bali, our student will get to be exposed to a deeper insight into the characteristics and peculiarities of the island's tropical flora and fauna. What's the secret behind the lifespan of a coral reef? What creates the mangrove forest? Why are butterflies so important for our ecosystems? Unravel the answer to these burning biological questions during your study period with us!

Throughout the 16 weeks study program, students will be appointed for several field trips, visiting some of Bali's best conservation places; such as Bedugul Botanical Gardens, Butterfly Park, Coral Garden, Turtle Conservation Center, Mangrove forest and more. Biology & Marine Science professors as well as guest lecturers will also pass on their expert knowledge to the students on the regular theoretical lectures session at Udayana University during the study program.

Since Bali is an island surrounded by a vast amount of Ocean, it is a definite place to learn about Tropical Marine Biology as well. It only takes you a few minutes to reach nearby beaches, where you can spend a day chilling, relaxing, and at the same time researching shoreline ecosystems in your free-time! You can experience everything you heard from movies and documentation in real life, as well as taking the utmost part in the island's nature conservation and preservation effort.

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‘In our study programs, we try our best to get everybody to experience not only through the classroom where we discuss critical issues such as environment, tourism and what it really means to be sustainable' explains Laura Korwa, the Program Manager of Upskill Bali during the summer course program of Sustainability and Ecotourism, "We also try to work together with the university, academicians, experts and mainly the local community, to try and get the insight from everybody who participates in our study program" she added.

So, are you interested in becoming a part of actual change in terms of Bali’s Tropical Biology and Conservation? Contact us for more info or inquiry! 

By Billy Bagus

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