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2021 Summer Schools are Postponed to 2022

Due to the new entry restrictions and the rise in COVID-19 cases in Indonesia​, our Sustainability & Ecotourism, Intercultural Communications ​summer schools and Tropical Biology & Marine Conservation winter ​semester ​2021 are postponed to 2022.

The new entry restrictions and the rise in COVID-19 cases in Indonesia​ have led us to make the difficult decision to postpone this year’s Sustainability and Eco Tourism and Intercultural Communications summer schools and our winter semester program for Tropical Biology and Marine Conservation. Though the emergency restrictions and entry restrictions will only last through 2 of August 2021, the latest situation in Indonesia has already delayed our planning progress.

We sincerely regret the disappointment of all of the participants who have already been in constant contact with us since the end of 2019 and throughout 2020, we know that many of our summer school and semester program participants have been looking very much forward to experiencing our program here in Bali. The situation the past 10 months has indeed been highly challenging and disheartening.

New dates for our 2022 summer school programs

Due to the possibility of some unforeseen changes, we recommend to stay updated with the news about travel restrictions to Bali, Indonesia as well as guidelines from your home country and the Indonesian government by consulting our program coordinators. Our new summer school dates are as follow:

- Summer School Eco Tourism & Sustainability Batch I: 10.07.2022-07.08.2022

- Summer School Eco Tourism & Sustainability Batch II: 14.08.2022-11.09.2022

- Summer School Intercultural Communication & Multifaceted Globalization: 10.07.2022-07.08.2022

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