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Why Choose Bali to Study Intercultural Communication?

After a long postponement due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Upskill Study Bali with Udayana University's Faculty of Social Sciences & Politics gladly announced the reopening of a brand new Intercultural Communications Short Course.

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After the successful launch of 2018 Summer School, Upskill Study Bali were inspired to seek more ways for our international students to engage into Balinese rich culture, gaining precious academic training and new skills at the same time. The Intercultural Communication short course will be held in the month of December 2022 and aims to give all political and social science enthusiasts a brief and meaningful escape during the winter period to study in (and deliberately enjoy!) the immaculate tropical vibe of Bali island.

So What is Intercultural Communication?

Intercultural Communication basically describes the verbal and non-verbal interaction between different cultures, religions and ethnicity. Having a different background means to have different values, which are reflected in the way we talk, the way we act and the way we think. This knowledge is inevitable in today's globalized world. It not only applies to business, as many would think in the first place, but to various aspects of exchange in a global setting such as media, politics or education as well

Why choose Bali to study Intercultural Communication?

As an international travel destination, Bali is definitely a great place to study Intercultural Communication. The island's culture and social concept has been acknowledged as one of the most diverse and captivating across South East Asia. With its rapidly growing economy the island of Bali became a melting pot of Indonesians, from Bali and other parts of Indonesia, and residents from all over the world. Every aspect of Bali’s unique culture such as arts, cultural identity, traditional cuisine or community management is exposed to values from different kinds of ethnicity, religions and social backgrounds. 

The Numerous Benefits of Studying Intercultural Communication in Bali

The Intercultural Communication course in Bali will help you to gain a global perspective. Each class section will provide fundamental theory of intercultural communication, globalization and social change, conflict management, to political ecology. These solid basics, combined with regular field trips, will give the students an opportunity to bring the theory to life and encourage them to directly engage with different types of communities.

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We believe that Intercultural Communication is a vital aspect of understanding and conveying information on events all over the world and a way of expanding biased views. Upskill Intercultural Communications Short Course is expected to run between 19 December 2022- 13 January 2023. If you are interested in taking part in this engaging program don’t hesitate to contact us immediately, we'd love to hear from you!

By Billy Bagus

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