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New Summer School: Intercultural Communication in Bali

After the launch of our summer school in Sustainability and Eco Tourism in summer 2018, we were inspired to seek more ways for our international students to engage into Balinese culture, gain academic training and new skills at the same time. Intercultural communication is a discipline that combines all in a perfect way, and is yet, with an ever growing demand for intercultural competence, a key qualification for every student.

What is intercultural communication?

Intercultural communication describes the verbal and non-verbal interaction between different cultures, religions and ethnicity. Having a different background means to have different values, which are reflected in the way we talk, the way we act and the way we think. This knowledge is inevitable in today's globalized world. It not only applies to business, as many would think in the first place, but to various aspects of exchange on a global setting such as media, politics or education. If you are not sensible to intercultural communication nowadays, you may not be able to perform well on a personal and professional level.

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Is it a good idea to study intercultural communication in Bali?

Gaining experience through travel has always been a great way to broaden one’s knowledge and gaining new life skills. Where else in the world can you learn more about different cultures, than abroad? And which cultures and living concepts could be more different from western culture if not those in South East Asia? Indonesia is a country barely known to many and enormously rich in traditions. With its rapidly growing economy the island of Bali became a melting pot of Indonesians, from Bali and other parts of Indonesia, and residents from all over the world. Every aspect of Bali’s unique culture such as arts, cultural identity, traditional cuisine or community management is exposed to values from different kind of ethnicity, religions and social backgrounds. You will see how intercultural communication determines modern life in Bali.

What you will learn during the summer school?

The intercultural communication course in Bali is aimed to trigger cross-cultural skills and will help you to gain a global perspective. Each classroom lecture, which will provide fundamental theory of intercultural communication, globalization and social change, conflict management and political ecology, is combined with a field trip. This gives you the opportunity to bring theory to life and will encourages you to directly engage with different communities.

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Developing life skills and experience personal growth in Bali

By talking to various communities in Bali during field trips and excursions, you will learn how to set aside your own values and make room for a different perspective and interpretation on life. While our Western education and thinking highlights rationalization and categorization, the Balinese life principle is built on different values such as spirituality, balance and intuition. Exposing you to the Balinese way of life will urge you to question your own life as being the ultimate way. As a participant you will not only get more sensible and open towards other cultures, but you will experience personal growth through this process. Eventually, these are the fundamentals to built your own intercultural communication skills.

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