Accommodation in Bali

You’ll get easily overwhelmed by the number and different kinds of accommodation that a single google search offers you. We tell you how to find the best fit for you to experience a comfortable study or semester abroad in Bali.

Your Options

Villa & Private Houses

Renting a Villa or Private House in Bali

Most students decide to rent a whole villa during their stay in Bali. Especially if you are traveling in groups, this might be the most popular and fancy option. Though, it may not be the most local way of living, as you will most likely prefer your fellow mates to share the villa with and won’t get access to a traditional local living.

thumb_up Renting in a villa in Bali you can enjoy a high living standard and have a good time outside university with your mates. Also, if you fear cultural shock or getting homesick after a while, this option would be the best pick for you.

monetization_on 250 USD - 400 USD per room

hotel 2 to 5 bedrooms per villa

hot_tub Private bathrooms

wifi Mostly equipped with WiFi

ac_unit Air-conditioned

add Mostly with private pool

add Shared kitchen/cooking facilities


Living in a Homestay in Bali

There are many so-called “homestays” in Bali, which offer a good balance between a local living experience and comfort. Although often mistaken with, it is no guest family. A homestay is a small and cozy apartment complex in either a family housing complex or a separate private one. There are usually 3 rooms or more next to each other providing a good balance of privacy and social interaction with your neighbors.

thumb_up If you choose to live in a homestay in Bali within a family living complex you have the chance to fully immerse into Balinese culture and make local friends. However, you need to be comfortable meeting people from other countries and being independent while living in Bali.

monetization_on 150 USD - 320 USD per room

hotel single bed or double bedrooms

hot_tub Private bathroom

wifi Usually equipped with WiFi

ac_unit Both air-conditioned or fan available

Kos Kosan

Kos Kosan – the local way

If Indonesians from other islands work in Bali, they usually take lodge in so-called “kos kosans”. These are single rooms, which are either sparsely equipped or not equipped at all. Most of the locals buy their own beds or mattress, and other small furniture they need.

thumb_up If you have lived in Bali or Indonesia before or in case you are already 100 percent familiar with Asian culture, this option might be suitable for you – also, if you are living on a very tight budget and accommodation comfort is not important for you.

monetization_on 40 USD - 110 USD per room

hotel Mattress or no beds

hot_tub Private or shared bathroom (mostly local style)

ac_unit Sometimes equipped with fan

Best Practice – How to Choose the Right Accommodation in Bali


Prior to arrival in Bali

Book a hotel or any accommodation we recommend to you for the first 1 or 2 weeks online.


Week 1 & 2 in Bali

Get a good sense of orientation and find out where your fellow students live.


Week 3 in Bali

Decide where and with who you would like to stay.

Where to stay in Bali


motorcycle about 35 minutes

people Touristy

favorite Vibrant nightlife

hotel Hotels, homestays, villas, kos kosan


motorcycle about 45 minutes

people Touristy

favorite Vibrant nightlife

favorite Good dining possibilities

hotel Hotels, homestays, villas, kos kosan


motorcycle about 60 minutes

people Moderate tourism

favorite Relaxed nightlife

favorite Access to beginner, intermediate surf spots

hotel Hotels, homestays, villas, kos kosan


motorcycle about 50 minutes

people Non-touristy

favorite Local city life

favorite Local food culture

hotel Hotels, kos kosan


motorcycle about 0-20 minutes

people Moderate tourism

favorite Access to Uluwatu, Dreamland, Padang-Padang

favorite Many international students from Campus Jimbaran

hotel Hotels, homestays, villas, kos kosan


motorcycle about 40 minutes

people Moderate tourism

favorite Relaxing beaches

favorite Local dining possibilities

hotel Hotels, homestays