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Why You Must Study in Bali

You have heard it a thousand times : Bali is a tropical paradise and a truly magical place. Friends, that just came back from their holidays rave about their beach hangouts, refreshing coconut drinks, colorful temples, infinity pools, great nightlife and, of course, cheap massages. Well, you got us here, it surely is a pleasure to live in the tropics and these are good reasons to visit Bali. However, Bali doesn’t seem to be the primary destination to accomplish academic education. At least, that’s what you think. We will teach you different and give you 5 good reasons, why you really should study and live in Bali.

You can actually learn something in Bali

The main reason, why you should join a study program in Bali, is to gain new knowledge and yes, to actually learn something. So as party and beachin’ are both not part of an academic curriculum, what is it then? There is a very good reason why we put tropical biology, sustainability and ecotourism on the study program list for you. Even though you may have already attended a couple of lectures in your home university, have you seen colorful coral reefs just outside your doorstep or how Green Technology is applied on traditional industries in Indonesia? All of these study programs are packed with specific in-country expert knowledge, that you can only acquire here in Bali!

Look around, knowledge is right under your nose!

While you are only dealing with field studies printed on paper in your home university, they will get more alive here in Bali! Look around, as you are learning about a specific topic which only affects Indonesia or South East Asia, you will find that your field studies are right under your nose! You won’t get any closer to science and arts than that, that’s why our study programs in Bali are packed with field studies and excursions which offer you first hand practical experience.

Give back to the community

Many field studies include visits and discussions with local Non-Government-Organizations or traditional industries who find themselves confronted with the challenges of limited access to knowledge, tools or materials. Yet, they have to fulfill their duties. See how they do it, compare it to how it’s done in your home country and exchange your knowledge with them! During your student project you have the chance to focus on a specific topic which directly concerns the local community and which results may add value to their lives or environment.

Get a taste of the real life in the tropics!

We have already told you about the pleasures a holiday in Bali reveals to you. But let us tell you that: A life in the Southeast Asian tropics is as easy and pleasant as it is challenging and adventurous – in a good way though. You will have to make your way to university by yourself, you will find out how far this island will push your patience in daily traffic jams and which local food place will open early enough to get a satisfying “nasi kuning”, a yellow rice “snack”, on the way to university.

You will have plenty of time to fall in love with the island

4 month studying in Bali give you plenty of time to get a new perspective of the island life. You will find out that Bali still has that pristine beaches, that perfect wave, that friendly local welcoming you as a friend, and as a tourist. All you need to do is to leave the tourist areas and get around by scooter with your fellow students. We will promise you, life in Bali will make you realize again what really matters in life and will change your perspective on many things. We are not superstitious at all, but it seems to be kind of a magical thing, that always brings travelers back to Bali – over and over again.