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Visa Information Short Course Study Bali

Prior to your participation in any of our programs, please make sure you know you will need a valid passport and a proper visa. 

“The information shared on this page is for general information purposes only. Due to the  frequent and unforeseen government updates and Udayana University, without prior notice we may make immediate adjustments, deletions, or modifications to the contents on this page at any time, please ensure you are in close contact with upskill Bali’s program coordinator to always receive the most up to date visa application information”.

Visa Options for Students

There are always rooms for the well planners and the last minute spontaneous students. In general, our team will always try to assist your needs and requests to be able to get you on board. 

If you are enrolling in our summer school or short course of 4 weeks study program you have to have at least 4 weeks to prepare for your program participation.

Visa fees are self expense and is not included in the program tuition.

Visa Fast Facts- B211/Social Culture Visa

Application Time

  • You will be assisted by upskill Bali team to be in touch with upskill's short course program visa sponsor
  • Visa application takes 7-10 working days office hours excluding Indonesia's immigration website's error system.

Payment components

Per visa application 4,000,000 IDR:

  1. Visa application fee to Director general of immigration visa approval 50USD
  2. Agent fee visa service application assistance fee 216 Euro, to be paid directly to upskill's appointed sponsor, not to upskill or Udayana. You will receive a Whatsapp group invitation so you will be able to be in touch with the agent and upskill team.

Visa extension

  • This is ​​a single entry visa

  • Valid for 60 days

  • Can be extended 2 times (add another 60 days each extension)

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