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Upskill study program: Sustainability and Ecotourism Summer School 2022

After almost 2 years of our program hiatus we are thrilled to restart our summer courses and this year we are blessed to have the most enthusiastic and loving students from Germany and Italy- to obviously share knowledge through theoretical and practical studies but also to share exciting moments together.

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The new semester has begun, and we would like to take this moment to reflect on another successful Summer School program in Bali. We are so glad to share some insights and various approaches to the island's ecotourism and introduce our international students to another side of Bali's world class tourism industry. Held from 10th July to 5th August 2022, this year's Summer School program commenced under Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Udayana University. All participants are greeted with a welcome lunch gathering on 10th July and welcome ceremony a day after, on 11th July 2022. The ceremony was attended by several representatives from Udayana University and Faculty representatives, as well as Lumen Media Upskill Study Bali.

The 11 participants this year come from 3 different universities in Germany and Italy; namely Università degli studi di Bergamo, IST Hochschule für Management and University Augsburg Germany.

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On this year’s Sustainability and Ecotourism Summer School program, we took all the participants on a field trip to the Ubud and Denpasar area; from the legendary Monkey Forest, Butterfly Park, to Mangrove Forest. All students learnt in-depth of the island's ecotourism aspect and natural conservation.

The rapidly growing tourism industry of Bali still affect its surrounding environment, but thankfully, the local community is now more aware to manage and preserve their nature tourism sites and move towards 'sustainable' mindset, gradually re-applying the ancient philosophy of Tri Hita Karana which requires human to live in harmony with God, fellow human, and nature respectably.

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We also invite this year's participants to the Turtle Conservation and Education Center (TCEC). Established in January 2006 on Serangan Island, Bali, this institution is developed as part of the island's comprehensive strategy to eradicate illegal turtle trading. Here, the participants directly interact with the turtles and learn more about their life, habitat and effort of preservation. The participants also get to visit the Legian Beach Hotel as a practical visit of the Tri Hita Karana principle to be implemented in resorts in Bali. The summer school's participants were hoped to gain deeper knowledge of how the daily operation and hospitality value can give a good impression for visitors and travelers who would come to stay and enjoy the hotel's international-standard service, facility and amenities.

In another excursion occasion, the participants of this year's Summer School are taken to visit Jatiluwih rice terrace. Situated in the central coastal of Tabanan regency, the picturesque rice field terrace has been inscribed as UNESCO's World Heritage Site in 2012. Then, the students also have the chance to take part in releasing the baby turtles back to the Ocean from a local hatchery, as well as transplanting corals to maintain the coral reef garden off the beach of Nusa Dua.

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Outside of these engaging learning processes and excursions, we also invite all participants to enjoy the beauty of Bali through several outdoor activities, from fun surfing sessions, visit to Lemukih waterfall and Subak museum, to first-hand cultural workshops of making 'canang sari' or Balinese traditional offerings. We ended this fascinating program with a memorable Cooking Class Farewell , where the students are free to cook their own farewell dinner. This marks the end of this year's Upskill Summer School Program. We would like to thank all participants and our partners and everyone involved, who have made this amazing occasion possible, and look forward to welcoming more global students to learn in-depth aspects about Bali's nature and tourism. 

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This year’s summer school was definitely not the easiest one to run due to all the difficulties and challenges even pre program run with all the uncertainty of travel restrictions. Despite all those we have faced and all the errors and day to day challenges during our program run, we are still deeply thankful for all the hard work done by our upskill team, our warmhearted participants, Udayana university team and committee and our collaborating partners, who have made this summer school meaningful and possible!

By Billy Bagus

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