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(Tropical) Fish Diseases

Fish diseases are a topic of our everyday life. Not only do scientists need to give this topic a second thought but also every individual as most of the diseases began to spread among fish species due to the activities of human beings. Fish diseases do not only harm the fish itself but also every living beings that are higher up the natural food chain.

First, gain theoretical knowledge

Fishes can have many different kinds of diseases. These diseases do not only vary from the different fish species but are also depending on their natural habitat. Therefore, fishes in the tropics may be threatened by different diseases than fishes having their natural habitat in Temperate Oceans or anywhere else in the world.

During the lecture ‘Tropical Fish Diseases’, you will therefore get to know specific fish diseases that may occur upon tropical fishes. Your newly gained knowledge will vary from non-pathogenic diseases (environment, feeding habits and so on) as well as pathogenic diseases (bacterial, fungal or viruses).

Second, apply your knowledge

Since fish diseases are an ever-present topic, there are various different research projects. During your studies, you will take part in one of this research projects. Every semester, the students attending the Fish Diseases lecture have to do a practical part. This practical part consists of visiting the famous fish market in Jimbaran (Kedonganan) to buy the fish for examination. After the visit you will examine the fish in the laboratory. The aim of this examination is to identify the different diseases and parasites each of the fishes has. You will compare your findings with the findings of the other groups in order to see the development of the different kind of diseases in the fishes examined.