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Combine your study program with an internship in Bali

You have signed up for a 15 weeks upskill semester program or a 4 weeks summer course in Bali and still feel, that you would like to get more of your time abroad? You could opt for a volunteer position to get a deeper understanding about Bali culture and become socially involved. But for a more professional experience, an internship in Bali is definitely something that will give you a deeper understanding of the Asian working culture and will give you even more expertise in your desired study field.

Young Professional Internships in Bali

An internship in Bali after your study program, will not only keep your study abroad experience alive, moreover you will get the chance to apply the new gained knowledge into practice. Even though upskill study and short-term program are designed to get you into the field next to your classroom studies, an additional internship in Bali will bring your cultural immersion and fieldwork to the next level. You will see what it actually means to run an environmental NGO, how to do energy efficiency audits or how to transform hotels into eco-friendly and sustainable enterprises.

Gain experience in your study field

Even though Bali’s economy is strongly determined by tourism, there are many more companies operating in different branches that host professional internships. The following branches are available to international students:

  • Renewable Energy Engineering
  • IT
  • Graphic Design
  • Finance
  • Event Management
  • Fashion
  • Health
  • Tourism
  • Nature Conservation
  • Teaching
  • Web Design
  • Marketing

Stand out with an internship in Bali

If you are questioning, how beneficial an internship on a small island like Bali can be, Bali itself will teach you better! While you may not find super companies of major intercontinental success, the small-sized companies give you the chance to immerse into a “normal working life” in Asia, where your ideas matter. It is the best lesson in independence you can get! Besides, you will become sensitive to cross-cultural issues and gain new perspectives on your subject while escaping the university bubble. Especially if you study International Tourism Management, Marine Conservation or Biology, Bali offers your the best outdoor classroom you could ever imagine. It is especially here, where your knowledge and interaction with organizations or companies in the field of conservation matters the most.