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Milkfish Production

The times when all the fish we are eating was coming from the ocean are long past. Already more than half of the fish eaten today are coming from aquaculture sources. Especially in Indonesia, ‘aquaculture’ is an important topic. With their aquaculture farms, they do not only supply the national markets with seafood but also the international markets.

Bali has a thriving aquaculture industry in the northern part of the island. The production includes freshwater fish, marine fish, shrimp, seaweed and pearl oysters. By 2015 there were 865 sea cages in this area but the industry is growing more and more.

One of the most famous fish produced in Bali’s aquaculture farms is the milkfish (Chanos chanos). The milkfish is especially in Southeast Asia an important seafood. Therefore it is important for the aquaculture farms to improve their methods in raising milkfish in order to increase their profits. However, it is also very important to secure the quality of the fish which means to keep the level of diseases/parasites as low as possible.

As part of your studies in our lecture, you will visit the aquaculture farms in north Bali for several days in order to conduct some research on the hatchery of the milkfish.