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Marine Pollution

“Humanity’s plastic footprint is probably more dangerous than its carbon footprint” said Captain Charles Moore. Everyone knows that the plastic swimming in our oceans is a huge environmental problem. For most people this is just a problem we know about but are not confronted with in our everyday lives. This will change as soon as you are in Bali. Plastic pollution is everywhere. Especially during rainy season you will see the full dimensions of plastic pollution in the oceans. Beaches are covered in plastic trash washed ashore by the sea.

As in most western countries we already have a good understanding about waste disposal, this is by far not the case in Indonesia. Not long ago people were used to only use organic wrapping which they could just throw away and it would compost by itself. But then the whole area of Southeast Asia was facing a boom in tourists from western countries which came along with the introduction of plastic to the local communities. Today, plastic is everywhere. Every little thing is wrapped in plastic, often even more than only one time. This is a big problem as many people don’t know how to properly recycle plastic waste.

But there is far more than that our oceans are threatened by, as you will find out during the course ‘Marine Pollution’.

To really understand what are the most common forms of plastic in the ocean, you will participate in a beach clean-up. You will clean the beach and analyze the trash you found. Where is it coming from?, What kind of plastic pieces are most common? After analyzing all the trash, you will think about strategies on how to prevent this kind of pollution and maybe you have some sustainable ideas on how to improve the overall situation in plastic use in Indonesia.