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Health and Safety Update COVID-19

Our team is closely monitoring the development of COVID-19 on a local, as well as on a global scale. Based on this, we took precautions as a means of our risk management and also in future may apply changes to the program information given below on a short-term basis.

Development of COVID-19 in Bali

As many other nations during this pandemic, Indonesia has been in a state of emergency since April 1st, 2020. However, Bali has yet managed to control the spread of the virus on a bigger scale. Numbers are relatively low compared to other parts of Indonesia.

Since June 1st, 2020, daily life and movement on Bali has slowly been returning to normality with open beaches and public areas. Wearing masks and a focus on hygiene is supposed to help to contain a further spread.

Flight status & re-openening

As of now, Bali is open for national tourists, but **not for international tourists yet**. Foreigners with a permanent stay permit are allowed to travel back to Bali meeting the requirements set by the governor of Bali (negative swab test and self-quarantine after arrival).

Program update 2020

Summer Semester 2020: Tropical Biology & Marine Conservation

As most of our students had already travelled to Bali before the border lockdown due to COVID-19, we ran the semester from March to July with appropriate adjustments. Although the lectures throughout the semester had been held online, we were able to conduct a part of our field trips & excursions led by the university after travel restrictions within Bali had been loosened in June.

Summer School 2020: "Eco Tourism and Sustainability"

The Summer School 2020 has been suspended.

Winter Semester 2020: Tropical Biology & Marine Conservation

The Winter Semester 2020 has been suspended.

Program update 2021

Bali’s current update in regards to international border reopening, per 22 August 2020, Bali’s governor, Koster, has announced that the international border opening date is being suspended to an indefinite date, he added it would be before the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. We will keep you posted!

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