Grading System / Credit System

All Upskill study and semester programs are using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The ECTS is a common credit system used by higher education institutions in Europe. The number of credits achieved in each study course are based on the general workload as well as the learning outcome of students.

The learning outcome refers to what the students are expected the learn during a specific course. This includes to demonstrate the learnt knowledge in exams, essays or similar. The workload is defined as the time it takes an average student to achieve the required learning outcome. Besides lectures and self-study, the workload also includes excursions, time for exam preparation, seminar etc.

ECTS Grading System

Every student should ask at his/her university about how and to which extent the university accepts the academic credit points. Should you need to discuss about your credit transfer in this program, please feel free to contact us before filling out the Application Form.

In the following table you will find the definition of grades according to the European Credit Transfer System:

Upskill or Udayana University will not concert the achieved credits into any other international grading system. Each university will convert the given ECTS grades achieved by its students according to their own criteria. However, in the following we provide you with a guidance on how a conversion could possibly look like.