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Coral Reef Restoration

It’s common knowledge that the coral reefs in our oceans are currently facing a hard time. ‘Coral bleaching’ is a term every marine scientist is talking about. But the bleaching of the corals isn’t a topic only scientists should worry about. Coral reefs are home to a lot of marine life. The increasing amount of dying coral reef will lead automatically to a decreasing variety of fish species which again will lead to a collapsing food chain which is affecting every living being on this planet.

Although coral reefs comprise less than 1% of the ocean floor, it is estimated that more than 90% of marine species are directly or indirectly dependent on them. There are about 4,000 coral reef fish species worldwide, accounting for approximately a quarter of all marine fish species. During your studies in Bali you will get an even deeper understanding of the importance of coral reefs, since the island is part of the global epicenter of marine biodiversity, the “Coral Triangle’ which has an outstanding variety of reef-building corals and fishes species.

As part of the study program, you will do a field trip to a coral restoration project in the north eastern part of Bali. This restoration project uses the low voltage electrolysis technology to achieve a faster growth and better health of the coral reefs. You will not only visit the project but will also assist the researchers on site obtaining information about the health status of the corals in order to find ideas to improve the method to make it even more successful.