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Upskill Ambassador Program

You are an Upskill alumni, an upcoming student in our program, or you just like the idea of our study program? Then take the chance and become an UPSKILL Ambassador! Promote our study program at your university and benefit from it.

What is the Upskill Ambassador Program?

The Upskill Ambassadors program is directed to students planning to participate in our study program, to alumni or those who can identify with the program and would like to support our mission abroad and spread the word.

Brief Facts

- Alumnis, students-to-be, Upskill-enthusiasts

- Promote our program at your university

- Convince students to participate

- Receive benefit

Why becoming an Upskill Ambassador?

As our ambassador, you will benefit in many ways while promoting our study program at your university. You will inspire and encourage young people to venture the step of going abroad, you will develop professional and communication skills as well as gaining leadership experience while reflecting your own experiences. And above all, you will receive a monetary benefit for every student who mentions your name at his/her registration.

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Ambassador Program Information


  • Represent Upskill during events at your university, e.g. International Days, etc.
  • Convince your fellow students to participate in the program
  • Promote the Upskill study program via word-of-mouth, social media, and non-campus marketing
  • Write blogs, articles, etc. about Upskill
  • Find other creative ways to spread the word about our study program


  • Send us your application to become an Upskill ambassador
  • We will review your application and cross check if there already is an Upskill ambassador at your university (there will only be one ambassador at each university)
  • Upon positive feedback from us, you will receive marketing material from us, to promote the program in the best possible way
  • Convince the students to participate in our study program
  • Make sure the students mention your name in their application
  • Get your reward of 150€ for each student you recruited

Apply now to become our next Upskill Ambassador!

Fill out the application form and we will get in contact with you as soon as we reviewed your application.