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Bali – magical, beautiful and unique

Bali is a small island that belongs to Indonesia. In fact, Bali is more famous than the country it belongs to. It has been known as one of the most popular tourist destination since 1960. Most of the tourists find Bali as a magical, beautiful, and unique place to visit – during your semester program in Bali you will have plenty of time to find out why. And we promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

The World’s Leading Island Destination

Bali’s popularity has given the island some notorious names: Paradise Island, Island of Gods, The Paradise on Earth, an Island of Thousand Temples, and many more. Surely, there are reasons behind the names. The island offers many breathtaking nature such as mountains, lakes, and beaches. This is combined by the rich culture and traditions that Balinese people engage in their daily life. In fact, Bali won several awards up to present, the most recent one is The World´s Leading Island Destination 2014.

Culture in Bali

Unique Hindu traditions

Bali is renowned for its beautiful beaches, and nature attraction sites. What distinguishes Bali from other tourist destinations is its unique culture. As one of the largest Muslim population country, Bali as a Hindu island, practice its religious beliefs diligently. Balinese Hinduism practice is slightly different from Hinduism practiced in its origin country India. Balinese Hinduism combines beliefs in Gods with its culture and traditions where the religion is practiced. As a result, Balinese people have different festivals to celebrate while some of them may have the similar meaning with the festivals that are celebrated in India.

Chinese influences

Bali’s culture especially in North Bali is also greatly affected by China, when Chinese trader came to Bali late in the 9th century. That is why temples in this area display the Chinese touch, from its building form to the beautiful red as the majority of color used and design. The combination of Indian and Chinese influences and the local Balinese Hindu beliefs and traditions make the Balinese culture today very rich and unique. The Balinese cultural uniqueness can easily be spotted on its various traditional dances, dynamic to peaceful musical instruments, traditional ceremonies celebrating one’s birth to one’s death, festivals celebrated, and Balinese aesthetic handmade artworks from paintings to jewelry, not to mention its huge number of more than 1000 temples spread over the island.

Climate and Weather

Bali lies approximately 8 degrees south of the equator, this results in all-year-round temperatures of around 25-30° C with a medium high humidity level. Similar to most of the islands in Indonesia, Bali has two seasons. The dry season is likely to be around April to October, whereas the rest of the months are expected to be wet as light to heavy rain will pour Bali eventually. Keep in mind, Bali’s rainy season is nothing like London or Melbourne showering-all-day type of rain. When wet season arrives, you may expect rain for a few hours and sometimes the weather during wet season can be nice and quite hot as the sun appears between the rain. You can still enjoy Bali and have fun in doing outdoor activities.

Dry Season:

from April until October

Wet Season:

from November until March